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29 avril 2022

Nothing better than working and having fun!
Work hard, Play hard!

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Septembre 15, 2021

Meeting our clients, this time Quito is the place where we are proposing the French Quality. A small country with a big heart!

Feels was present at the 5th Beauty Innovation days this February 20th in Barcelona. During this show, we reveal the Feels Flow Motion which has been developed with experts of our Industry and propose a new alternative to the olfactive pyramid. We all know how we describe a fragrance, through a static and not lively geometric shape, which does not express the emotion behind the fragrance we are smelling. The Feels Flow Motion is considering the raw materials inside the formula and will create a Flow describing how a fragrance is built and the size of an accord or a specific “facette”. We will be able to see the thickness and long lastingness of a specific note within the fragrance like it has never been the case before. The aim was to be able to offer a better understanding to our clients and their consumers on a fragrance proposal made by Feels. Always working hard to bring a better understanding of our Fragrance World!


February 20, 2020

Great moment shares at the 5th Beauty Innovation days.


Beauty Innovation days Barcelona.png

Never ending in the search of new markets and new consumers satisfaction, Feels is already starting the year with a strong collaboration in Poland! Poland is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing economies and an interesting fact show that for the personal care products and detergents, majority of consumers buy them in the supermarkets (60%). This is also a strong producer for Europe with many companies doing some “made in Poland”…. Let’s share Feels French qualitative fragrances in Poland!


January 16, 2020

December 17, 2019


No country in the world got enough power to make us dream:

One of the main Poets, Carlos Drummond de Andrade described it that way…

"Of the road, my country is a thirsty land

And white beach; my country is the great secular river

Drinking clouds, eating soil and passing water to the sea."


During our recent trip in this dazzling country, we were pleased with our clients to perceive dream fragrances that our “nez”, as well as our hearts, have never smelt before!

Brazil, dance on the samba rhythm, dance screaming of Joy…

October 31st, 2019

Fragrances training session in Vietnam. Feels is supporting partners all over the world… Yes, it will “Feels” good in South East Asia as well 😊!!


October 16, 2019


Few days after Monaco Luxe Pack, Paris and the Cosmetic 360 fair. Feels strengths its presence, looking for new Talents and new collaborators for the “Feels community” to bring added value to our partners products.

October 1st, 2019

Again at the LUXE PACK so happy to meet our partners and looking for interesting collaborations.

Photo Linkedin 2.jpg

September 16, 2019


Central America offers you always a smile when you reach this amazing region. Did you know that Guatemala city, this colorful & cosmopolitan city, got a pearl ? Here we are! Meeting one of our partners to build beautiful olfactive stories. New stop for Feels expansion, starving to learn more out of this fascinating market...

September 6, 2019

End of the summer season always gives a bitter taste. To smooth the process and be ready for an exciting Back to school, nothing better than a good chocolate Gelato! And what else? A perfect connection, business wise, with a great Talent. Feels partner with a company near Milano and we could assure you that we are excited to start proposing some turnkey projects with one of the best companies in design…it must be in Italy! Stay tune, we will keep you informed of some top products launches designed from the worldwide capital of this art! 


August 12, 2019


Welcome LEBANON…the Switzerland of the Middle East! On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon has been a cultural and commercial hub since the Phoenician era. Today, let’s build new horizons for Feels & Partners!

July 25, 2019

Valencia is now our new stopover!

Linkedin Valencia.jpg

July 10, 2019


Always looking for inspiration all over the world… Feels is travelling to grab the “smell and feel”. It has never been more fruitful to understand a market than visiting it. In every continent, country, city, people receive a fragrance education; voluntary or not. It's just in our DNA. From X, Y and Z generations we could already tell the trends and Alpha Gen will be for sure a promising one! Your childhood memories comeback through a smell of hot milk, cotton candy or the pencil lead at school. This is what drives Feels, understanding consumer in each market …. India is our first destination…ON AIR!

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