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Our wishes for the year 2020

This is time to wish you all the best for 2020. An extraordinary year is coming, and we even don’t imagine 20% of what we can expect! It is also a perfect timing to have a 2019 Flash Back…What an amazing 1st year for Feels! One year ago, we start with few partners and a very strong determination to propose nothing but the best in services and products. We offer to be different, far from Industry today leitmotiv. Offering not only the most tested fragrances, but simply the most fitted designed fragrances for our clients and partners. And not only unique fragrances, but also a full service around it, with top Talents promoting their products and presenting a turnkey project to our clients! We’ve never expected having such support in our first year and we made it because of you! Thank you for your consistent positive mind and thank you to Feels dream team, working extremely hard to reach such level of client satisfaction. We will always be at your side and try harder to bring the emotion through our fragrances. Feels vision for Year “2” = to be even more exciting and strong in emotions!

Guillermo & Philippe


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