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Presentation of Feels Flow Motion at “5th Beauty Innovation days”

Feels was present at the 5th Beauty Innovation days this February 20th in Barcelona. During this show, we reveal the Feels Flow Motion which has been developed with experts of our Industry and propose a new alternative to the olfactive pyramid. We all know how we describe a fragrance, through a static and not lively geometric shape, which does not express the emotion behind the fragrance we are smelling. The Feels Flow Motion is considering the raw materials inside the formula and will create a Flow describing how a fragrance is built and the size of an accord or a specific “facette”. We will be able to see the thickness and long lastingness of a specific note within the fragrance like it has never been the case before. The aim was to be able to offer a better understanding to our clients and their consumers on a fragrance proposal made by Feels. Always working hard to bring a better understanding of our Fragrance World!

Great moment shares at the 5th Beauty Innovation days.


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